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When do you need to use Winter Tires?

Designated Winter Tire & Chain Routes

Winter tires or chains are required on most routes in British Columbia from October 1 to April 30. For select highways not located through mountain passes and/or high snowfall areas, tire and chain requirements end March 31.

These routes are marked with regulatory signs posted on highways throughout the province.

Driving in the Lower Mainland and Southeastern Vancouver Island

Due to a more temperate winter climate in the Lower Mainland and southeastern Vancouver Island,  drivers are not required to use winter tires in many areas along the coast. See the South Coast Map for places where winter tires are needed, such as the Malahat. Remember, you are responsible for equipping your vehicle properly for the conditions you are driving in.  Many drivers choose to use M+S tires year-round.

Remember: If you plan to travel outside the Lower Mainland and southeastern Vancouver Island, winter tires are required on most highways.

British Columbia Highways – Winter Tires or Carry Chains – South Coast Region

Learn more at: Designated Winter Tire & Chain Routes – Province of British Columbia (gov.bc.ca)