EV Battery Recall Information


Dear Hyundai Owner:

Hyundai has decided that a defect that relates to motor vehicle safety exists in your vehicle. Hyundai is conducting a safety recall in Canada to address a potential condition with the electric vehicle (“EV”) lithium-ion (“Li-ion) battery that could result in a fire in certain model year 2019 – 2020 Kona EV, and 2020 Ioniq EV vehicles.


The purpose of this letter is to explain what the recall is about and to keep you informed of Hyundai’s recall implementation plan. We are currently making preparations to implement the safety recall remedy which when available, will be performed at no cost to you. We will send you another notification when the remedy is available.


We request that any vehicle lessor receiving this recall notice forward a copy to the lessee within 10 working days, as required by the Motor Vehicle Safety Act.


What is the problem?

The subject vehicles are equipped with battery cells manufactured in the LG Energy Solutions China (Nanjing) plant in which the Anode (Negative) tab can be folded. A folded Anode tab in the battery cell could allow the Lithium plating on the Anode tab to contact the Cathode resulting in an electrical short. An electrical short internally within battery cell(s) increases the risk of a vehicle fire while parked, charging and/or driving.


What should you do in the interim?

We appreciate your patience. Hyundai is currently making preparations to implement the recall remedy. You will receive a second notification letter when the remedy is available. The Battery System Assembly will be inspected, and replaced – if necessary. If the Malfunction Indicator Light is illuminated in your vehicle, you should seek service at your Hyundai dealer as soon as possible.


For updated information regarding this recall, please visit:


In the meantime, owners are recommended to perform the following:


• Adjust or confirm your vehicle’s ‘Max charge %’ level to 80%. This can be done manually at home using the infotainment system with these steps:


o Turn the vehicle ignition ON without starting the engine.
o Depending on radio, select: EV on display screen (7 in.) or battery display (10.25 in.)
o Select Energy Information.
o Select DC Charger.
o Press the Minus (-) Sign until the charger percentage reaches 80%.
o Select OK when complete.
o Perform the same steps once more for the AC Charger.
o Both the DC and AC charge percentage will now be set and displayed at 80%.


• We strongly recommend you also visit your dealership to either verify or adjust the ‘Max battery %’ level to ensure it has been adjusted to 80%. Please contact the dealership to request service under Service Campaign 10D059 (C0415). This service will be provided to you AT NO CHARGE. Once Hyundai verifies your visit to the dealership you will be entitled to a $250 gift card for your attention to this matter. You will need to provide the dealer with a valid email address and allow 20 business days for processing.


• Until the ‘Max charge %’ level has been set to 80%, park and charge your vehicle outside and away from structures.


Please note that your vehicle’s charging capacity will be restored to the original factory settings after the recall remedy is implemented.


For a list of Electric Certified Hyundai dealers, please visit www.hyundaicanada.com.


What if you have other questions?

If you require further assistance, we recommend that you contact the Hyundai Auto Canada Corp. Customer Relations Department online at www.hyundaicanada.com/en/about/helpcentre or at the following toll-free telephone number: 1-888-216-2626 (French or English).


Thank you for your attention to this important safety matter. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.


Hyundai Auto Canada Corp.