7 tips for your trade in

A couple of hours and some elbow grease can save you a lot of money! Those same hours can cost the dealership upwards of $300, which in turn decreases the value of your trade. You would be surprised at the state of some of the cars we have been offered.

Are you keeping your vehicle in prestige condition and servicing it on a regular basis? Show us your service records and it can increase the value of your vehicle knowing it's had regular maintenance.

If you bought them when you purchased your vehicle, bring the paperwork with you. If the plans are transferable, it makes your vehicle more desirable, and therefore worth more money.
A true story sells cars. If you are trading it because you needed something bigger for your family, make sure the dealer knows.
Maintaining your vehicle keeps it in the best shape and will get the best value, since dings/dents & check-engine lights all devalue your car. A new set of hubcaps are cheap! Some people bring us cars on their last legs and wonder why we don't pay much..
If it has a funny noise, or something that's not right, get it diagnosed in writing, and tell the dealer. The dealer will catch it, and if they don't know what it is, they will allow for the worst case scenario and devalue your car by that amount.
The value on your trade-in is the same in the dealership as it is in the open market. Check AutoTrader, and find the average retail market value. That's what the dealer will sell it for.